Civil Ceremonies

Preserve the elegance and intimacy of your civil ceremony with our professional photography and videography services. Capture every meaningful moment with precision and artistry.

Portraits and Headshots

From professional headshots and engaging portraits to official passport photos, our photography ensures you look your best in all your personal and professional documentation.

Pets and Animals

Celebrate your pet's personality with a fun and heartwarming photoshoot designed for all your furry and feathered friends.


Showcase your products with precision. Our studio photography captures the essence of your merchandise with professional clarity.

Cycling Events

Capture the speed, passion, and excitement of cycling events with our specialized photography service.

Sports Events

Capture every thrilling moment with extensive sports event photography, including live broadcast options


Make your dishes irresistible on digital platforms with stunning, engagement-driven food photography.

Public Events

Capture the energy and excitement of public events with our comprehensive media coverage. We provide vivid photography and dynamic videography to immortalize your event’s most memorable moments.

Buildings and Architecture

Elevate your property listings with high-definition interior, exterior, and aerial photography by licensed professionals. Document the progress of your construction or government project with detailed time-lapse videos and comprehensive photography.

Video Editing

Transform raw footage into cinematic gems with our professional video editing. Perfect for commercial content, social media, and personal projects.


All images on this site are ©The Clique online. 

Please credit images used in Social Media to our equivalent account.


35mm and 120mm Film Images

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Address of Studio and offices

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